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July 23, 2014 at 4:27pm
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Now accepting submissions for The Paperbag Writer, issue #1


Welcome to The Paperbag Writer, a Radiohead fanzine for collected creative works of Radiohead fans from all over. We are currently taking submissions for our first issue.

What we’re looking for:

Artwork: Any and all visual art inspired by Radiohead! Open to all styles and mediums, so long as they can be digitally documented and reproduced in zine format - the zine is your oyster.

Writing: Creative or otherwise! Fiction, nonfiction or somewhere inbetween! Poetry, short stories, personal accounts, reviews, opinion pieces, whatever - as long as it’s about and/or inspired by Radiohead’s music, it’s good for the zine. (With one exception - no NSFW fanfiction, please. That’s what your personal blogs and the rest of the internet are for.)

Comics: Personal comics! Silly comics! Comics! About Radiohead! Hell yeah!

Anything Else: If you’ve got an idea for something other than the above - as long as it can be depicted in zine format - send it in!

You can submit up to three works for the zine. That can be three images, three written pieces, or a mix. (A multi page comic will count as one submission.)

Images should be:

-Maximum 5.5in x 8.5in (standard half sheet size)

-Minimum 150dpi

-Can be in color or black and white

-In jpeg or png format

-Emailed as attachment(s) to

Written work should be:

-Not super duper long. I’m not gonna impose a word limit, but try to limit it to a few pages. If you’ve really got your heart set on something lengthy (4+ half sheet pages), run it by me and I’ll give you the ok.

-On that note, comics should also be limited to 4 pages unless approved.

-Also, let me know if you want a written piece presented in a certain type face/size; unless it’s Comic Sans, in which case, get out. Make sure you provide a download link for an unusual font in case I don’t have it. If you don’t specify, written work will be printed at 12pt Times New Roman or some other basic font.

-Emailed as attachment(s) or in the body of the email to

Deadline for submissions is September 1st, by midnight PST. Anything submitted after this date and time will not be accepted. 

When submitting, please provide a contributor name, whether it be your real name or a super cool pen name, so we can give you credit for your work in the zine. If you want us to include your website or blog link, we’ll do that too!

The current plan is to compile the submissions into a digital zine, to be distributed at no cost in early September, with the physical zine (hopefully in full color, but that remains to be seen) to follow in late September, for the cost of printing and shipping only. No profit is to be made from this; it’s a pure labor of love.

Any questions or concerns, email or send a message here!

Have fun!

-Anne, zine curator

Putting together a Radiohead themed art zine with fan submissions! Check it out!

August 9, 2013 at 1:12pm
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